California FSC Instructors Course

California FSC Instructors Course

The new California FSC Instructors Course is designed to teach the needed information required to successfully perform the duties outlined by DOJ in the Issuance of FSC cards and performing the safe handling demonstration by the students. California FSC Instructors Course time will vary depending on the instructor candidate’s ability to understand and apply the materials being taught.  All materials and firearms required for this course are provided by the instructor. (A DOJ requirement)

A hand’s on demonstration of the DOJ Statutorily Mandated Safe Handling Demonstration must be performed by each student on the following 9 firearms:

  • Semi Auto Pistol
  • Single Action Revolver
  • Double Action Revolver
  • Pump Action Long Gun
  • Lever Action Long Gun
  • Bolt action Long Gun
  • Break Barrel Long Gun
  • Semi Auto Long Gun ( Magazine Fed)
  • Semi Auto Long Gun ( Non Magazine fed)

Again all Materials and Firearms required for this course are provided by the Instructor, This includes the DOJ application you need to submit for certification.

Classes are scheduled “as needed” and we try our best to cater to your schedule. Contact us for a quote if you need us to come to your place of business to perform the training. Additional fees will apply.

I have included links on this page to the DOJ Manual, and the application needed to be mailed to DOJ, I strongly suggest you take the time to read and understand its content and download or print it out for future reference.

California DOJ Instructors Course

This is a classroom only course and no ammunition is needed.

This course is available for Individual or group Instruction.

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